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Semarang: Exoticism Capital City of Central Java


Direktori Wisata – Semarang is the capital city of Central Java Province, Indonesia. Semarang dwellers generally are Javanese and use the Java language as an everyday language. Adopted the majority religion is Islam.

Semarang has a large Chinese community. As in other regions in Java, especially in Central Java, they are closely mingled with the local and use the Java language in communication since hundreds of years ago.


Semarang it self is located in the Northern part of Central Java. The name of the city is derived from the Javanese words “arang” and “asem” meaning scarce tamarind.

Although the city is more of business destination than meant for tourism, it still manages to attract people with its own unique charm, its modern mid-rises and Dutch Colonial architecture.

The city of Semarang has many monuments and museum that attract tourist. The most popular monument is “Tugu Muda”, which is one of the city’s landmarks.  

The city also house many museums that showcase Javanese culture and art as well as Indonesian and military records. Some of the more popular ones are “Mandala Bhakti”, which is a military museum.


The building is tits large stained glass window. It’s a commemoration of the Japanese soldiers and the Indonesian freedom fighters that had lasted for five days.

There are many Dutch building around the monument that may equal interest for tourists, including “Lawang Sewu”, meaning “thousand doors”.

Lawang Sewu is nearby Dutch heritage is very exotic on the east side of Tugu Muda, or on a street corner Pandanaran and street youth, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. You planning to visit the city of Semarang ? You can see Blenduk Church: Holland style excotism in Semarang.[]

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