Blenduk Church: Holland style excotism in Semarang

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Direktori Wisata – Blenduk Church in Indonesian language can say “Gereja Blenduk”. One of the many of interest in Semarang is the Old Township which was built during the Dutch Colonial era. At that time, the area was the center of commerce aside from the city center it self. The church was built in 1752, is one of the oldest church in Java. This church has a the original name of “Nederlandsch Indische Kerk” or called “Koepelkerk”. It is topped by a large, copper-skinned dome, from which it gets its common name “Blenduk”, from Javanese word that means dome. Although it has been aged two and a half centuries, the church today is still actively used for regular Sunday services.


The Old Township was built with specific Pseudo Barouque design conforming to 18th Century Period which can be considered as an urban heritage and becomes a cultural asset nowadays. The building is used as a place of worship by GPIB Immanuel Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia.

gereja-blenduk.jpgBlenduk Church stood out as the landmark of the Old Township in Semarang amongst many other historical buildings because of its unique design, history and grandiur. It was originally built in 1753 and has undergone many transformations. But in 1894-1895 was rebuilt by H.P.A. de Wilde and W. Westmaas. During this renovation, the dome and two towers were added. It is topped by a large, copper-skinned dome, from which it gets its common name Blenduk, from Javanese word that means dome.

This church also features etched and stained glass windows, as well as wood-panel double doors at the south-facing entrance. Another interesting thing is the clock on the two towers which use the Roman numeral IIII for IV. The architect places the main hall in the center of the building’s 400 square meter octagonal shape and its four wings served as consistories. The dome was designed after the Church of St. Peter Basilica in Vatican City, Rome which was designed by Michelangelo (1585-1590 AD) or the Church of St. Paul by Sir Christopher Wren (1675-1710 AD). Sereval Interesting designs incorporaded into this building were among the unique charecteristic that this church. Have a nice trip in Semarang…. ! []

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